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   Storytelling  》  Orchestrating visions  》 Weaving words
 Heidi is a multidisciplinary creative; actor, visual artist, creative director and writer.

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2019 Eat the problem  MONA / Dark mofo for Elena Stonaker & Kirsha Kaechele (Tasmania, Australia)

2019 Sensory Experiments  ~ National Gallery of Victoria + Melbourne Design week (Melbourne, Australia)

2016 YUGEN (on tour) ~ White rabbit (Melbourne, Australia)

2015 YUGEN ~ L1 Studios (Melbourne, Australia)

2014 AN ARTSPACE Group show ~ Thornbury popup space (Melbourne, Australia)  

2014 HEIDI VALKENBURG  Solo show ~ Black Cat (Melbourne, Australia)  

2014 WHITE RABBIT LIVE PAINTING Group show ~ White rabbit (Melbourne, Australia)

2014 MASSON vs VALKENBURG Joint show ~ Lumen Gallery (Melbourne, Australia) 

2013 GRITTY NONSENSE ~ E55 (Melbourne, Australia)

What else can she do?

Voice artist, stylist, and occasional curator who can live exceptionally well out of a suitcase.

Available here, there, and everywhere else.

Currently: Los Angeles, CA