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   Storytelling  》  Orchestrating visions  》 Weaving words
‘ Whether it’s acting, writing or directing experimental video or theatre (most recently for Melbourne writers festival, Dark Mofo and NGV Melbourne) penning poetry or splashing colour around mixed media photography, Heidi’s art seems to come from the same world. It’s airy, introspective, dreamy, sensual and an unmistakably unique perspective. ‘
– Cam Matherson

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2019 Eat the problem  MONA / Dark mofo for Elena Stonaker & Kirsha Kaechele (Tasmania, Australia)

2019 Sensory Experiments  ~ National Gallery of Victoria + Melbourne Design week (Melbourne, Australia)

2016 YUGEN (on tour) ~ White rabbit (Melbourne, Australia)

2015 YUGEN ~ L1 Studios (Melbourne, Australia)

2014 AN ARTSPACE Group show ~ Thornbury popup space (Melbourne, Australia)  

2014 HEIDI VALKENBURG  Solo show ~ Black Cat (Melbourne, Australia)  

2014 WHITE RABBIT LIVE PAINTING Group show ~ White rabbit (Melbourne, Australia)

2014 MASSON vs VALKENBURG Joint show ~ Lumen Gallery (Melbourne, Australia) 

2013 GRITTY NONSENSE ~ E55 (Melbourne, Australia)

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Voice artist, art director, and occasional curator who can live exceptionally well out of a suitcase.

Available here, there, and everywhere else.

Currently: Los Angeles, CA