E v o l ~ ..

Perhaps we are here for more reasons than one;

But above all else, amongst the thick of muddied blood and the hush of excitable new air, the tangled hours spent on backwards foot and the dull ache of simply being; Yes, amongst all that – that clattering consuming all – Make sure you L O V E..~

Love in quiet dancing corners and boldly from earths rocky tops

Love fiercely with open veins and selfless stares in moments turned hours frozen still

Allow yourself to be cut sharp from the roots, to surrender the darkness inside and be devoured fully in return, your core now split down the middle

A spinning shimmering spiral

This old body a re birthed vessel, raw and blanketed in the heavy warmth of home and new understanding

Love boldly and love strong

Love louder and love now!

Soak up the magic with wild fingertips, drink it up with cherry tongue

Empty your bag of faded tricks

Please love before the morrow comes.

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