‘◬℘ + .

Heavy thick

I drag and drape

I am nowhere and in between

Weighted in zigzag streets and yesterday’s grime

In this city my own

Purgatory haze

Sheets cleaner than before

Than then.



With lead lies, familiar static stride

I’ll catch my breath

And in dark orange corners

Pray that it’ll escape my lungs again;

S O O N.

I would gasp, then –

Violent and bitter lick

Sting behind half closed eyes

A wallop in my side

A needle with its burning build

You know the one

Scratch scratch scratch.

Thank YOU, and thank you all

For helping me out this way

Waiting watch less.

I think upon first light

The very same thought;

Who was it that said –

‘Nothing easy was ever much fun’


Do you think what they meant was –

To become complacent, darling, is to die..?

B x

I’ve been thinking lately

about all the words choked up inside,

spilling out only in the quiet of night, under covers, beneath bellowing waves and in hidden corners.

I’m wondering what would happen if they were set free here, falling messily at your dinner table, our eyes locked in the

stale air.


 “I use my work to help people hear, 

through work I get to enjoy being scientific and inventive, and through music I share the sounds I hope people hear. It’s my own little romance novel.”

It was a privilege to snap and chat with the wonderful Siobhan o’mcGinnity on juggling her passion for music with making a difference. Check out the full interview here ~ X

↟☼ *

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

– Henry David Thoreau  


“When I was around fourteen,

I grew a love for punk and alternative music and around this time I also began to love acting and performing…I don’t really know which came first but I do know that both have shaped me into the person that I am today.”

I recently had the pleasure of snapping and chatting with pocket rocket Nikki Brumen about her creative process, gender imbalance and her career as a multi-skilled performer.

Check out the full interview here ~ X