Ashley’s headshot outtakes. What a babe.



This little (big) lady is floating around my sunroom studio and I desperately want to find her a home / store / cafe to dwell in rather than hide her away amongst dusty books and forgotten art supplies.  She would look dreamy as a feature on a prominent wall space.  Half of the money earned will be donated to the wonderful ASRC in support of the incredible and much needed work they do.

If you’re in Melbourne and would like to discuss further, please get in touch.


Art of late `~

~  Gritty Nonsense solo show, An Artspace group show, Heidi Valkenburg solo show, White Rabbit Live painting, & Masson vs. Valkenburg at Lumen Gallery 2014 ~

Making art is freeing in the boldest sense. Often with acting, you’re waiting by the phone, hustling desperately to get seen for a project or auditioning scarcely. The art of making ART is that there is no barrier in the way that there can be with performative work – You want to create something? Go ahead and do it. No one is standing in your way, no audition process here, the tools enthusiastically accept you – so get cracking!  This realisation during a time when acting work slowed down was nothing short of a personal euphoric revelation for me; and as a result I’ve had a few fun little shows of late.

The highlight of these creative endeavours was a joint display with my art friend, inspiration and lady love Sarah Masson.  Together we created live art with painted pastel nymph models, assembled live music, and shared a beautiful loft style space above a quaint little antique’s store. Although art has always been a practiced and integral part of my existence (the mistress to my wife; acting, if you will) I feel that now is somewhat of a formative beginning or ‘birth’ in terms of my visual art practices.

There is so much mind mess brewing.

Images By Stuart Willis, Lisa Cookson and Sarah Masson.