Painted Photographs Large scale


These original hand painted photographs on thick pulp recycled paper are for SALE.

There is slight damage in some corners as they have been exhibited and handled for my show ‘Yūgen’ late last year.

The works are approx. 200cm x 80cm and others sold like them look pretty snazzy framed as a bold centre piece.

‘Siren’ 2015

‘Pride, Fear & Euphoria’ 2015

‘Portals & Insight’ 2015

Please contact me at : if you are at all interested, or would like to arrange a viewing at my studio.

~ x.

Artist Statement

Yūgen is a Japanese word pertaining to a profound awareness of the universe which evokes feelings that are inexplicably deep and too mysterious to articulate simply.

I am a sensitive creature; constantly musing, grappling and pondering in an attempt to understand the vastness of the universe and all it beholds. There is acceptance as well sadness in knowing this about myself. These selected works are explorative in that they are an extension of my internal journey and quest to find out more.

View them not as polished works, but as torn pages from a scrapbook of my mind. An inconceivable realm has been at an arms length since childhood; I feel I know too much and nothing all at once.




Do not hide from the chaos within; feed it’s maddening whirl with scattered ideas and last nights nightmare.
Allow yourself to be pulled by nonsensical desires and the magic of musings. Follow the handprints you left as a child and don’t let your heart be bruised by those who simply don’t understand this all great, consuming mind mess.

Be free.

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