Do you remember when we were seventeen?

I would write you poetry

folded up on lined school paper

torn from math workbooks that would have remained empty otherwise

(let’s be honest)

They were words I was too shy to share elsewhere

but craved sharing with you


You were boyish and awkward underneath all that schoolyard bravado

you seeped soft praise and told me I was special

oh, so clever

You understood me.

you were exactly as you are today

except now you drink more



I had too much energy

all crackle and whip


You understood me.

you were exactly as you are today

except now you drink more

these days I don’t write words for you

except for in my head

when I’m on the train

wondering if you ever think of me as much as I still do you


In the early hours when you’ve had a few

I hardly call anymore

Is that bad?

 I suppose, it’s because I miss you

but mostly because

I’m worried my cleverness hasn’t amounted to much at all

and your high hopes for me were in heavy vain

all these years later

I still so badly want to make you proud

You understood me.

(I wish you’d drink a little less)

h u s k 〰

To evoke is to move |  is to husk |  is to spit |  is to burry |  is to listen |  is to fight |  is to birth |  is to be ◎ here ◎ now


Art for Uganda

Through the power of  A  R T  we raised funds to build a learning centre in Busubi, Uganda.

I cannot thank Mermaid Queen Leah enough for letting us set up camp in HQ’s courtyard,  as well as everyone who came and contributed their time, bodies, performance, food, art, musical skills, organisation, cash monies (whether by donation or at the fundraiser) donated goods or simply sent good vibes my way.

It was the nicest of goodbye’s, too.

You. are. all incredible.

Thank you Duncan for the snazzy snaps x